Our tour is available in English. To book our tour, please text us by WhatsApp or email us. Check below to see our tour.

Our guide does not speak English, but his wife does.We can offer you a tour only weekday from 9am till 3pm. Our guide and his wife as a helper will take you a tour. 

1day kayak tour (9am-3pm)

What we can do: kayaking up to mangroves, trekking, shower trekking.

19,800yen(tax included)/per person

16,500yen(tax included)/per person under 12years old

including: guide, insurance, lunch, equipment for kayak fee. 

Sagaribana kayak and shower trek tour (5am-11am)

What we can do: Kayaking up a mangrove river, watching Sagaribana is in bloom,

and shower trekking.

19,800yen(tax included)/per person

This tour only for adult.

including: guide, insurance, breakfast, equipment for kayak fee. 


Ohana's tours basically select activities and fields with good weather according to the activities that everyone staying on Iriomote Island wants to do.

We will guide you in ways that are tailored to each of you, whether you choose where to go or what to do, so please feel free to contact us with any questions!